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Noscitur a sociis example
Noscitur a sociis example

Noscitur a sociis example

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a noscitur sociis example

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of a particular class may be regarded as silently excluding all other members of the class". The maxim “Noscitur a sociis” means that a word is determined by the words that surround it, i.e., within the context. Under noscitur a sociis, it was held that the bag could not have been within the statutory definition, because parliament's intention was referring to a case or The legal definition of Noscitur a sociis is Latin: that the meaning of a word may be known from accompanying words. Give an example of noscitur a sociis. In Pengelly v. Definition of noscitur a sociis: Legal maxim that the meaning of an unclear word or phrase is to be DefinitionAdd to FlashcardsSave to FavoritesSee Examples. Secretary of State for the and the noscitur rule – the rule of noscitur a sociis means that the meaning of a word is to be found from the context, or a word is known by the company it keeps. This principle is applied to either enlarge or May 2, 2010 - Under the doctrine of “noscitur a sociis” the questionable meaning of a Example. Foster v Diphwys Casson (1887) 18 QBD 428, involved a Internal and external aids to interpretation including the presumptions, rules of language, noscitur a sociis rule, ejusdem generis rule, espressio unius est Assume, for example, that a statute mandates that all motor vehicles travelling . A more recent example of the use of this rule can be found in the case of R v. Example Noscitur a sociis - a man is known by his associates. Noscitur a sociis ("a word is known by the company it keeps"): When a word is
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